Hoco BS28 Torrent Wireless Speaker, Art:.000286

BS28 Torrent portable wireless speaker support wireless playback calls TF card AUX playback 1. Speak..

13.87€ Ex Tax: 11.96€

Hoco BS27 Pulsar Wireless speaker, Art.:000290

BS27 Pulsar wireless V4.2 speaker with 1200mAh battery for 6 hours of calls and music TF card AUX mo..

14.94€ Ex Tax: 12.88€

Hoco BS23 Elegant Rhyme Wireless speaker, Art.:000121

BS23 Elegant rhyme wireless V4.1 speaker with 1200mAh for 3 hours of calls and music 1. Wireless spe..

14.94€ Ex Tax: 12.88€

Hoco BS29 Gamble journey wireless speaker, Art:000560

BS29 Gamble journey wireless speaker V5.0 with 600mAh class A polymer lithium battery for 5 hours of..

11.74€ Ex Tax: 10.12€

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