Warranty and Complaints

  1. - A seller's warranty is provided for all goods offered on our website.
  2. - All goods are covered by a 6 month warranty. This period is calculated from the day of delivery of the goods to the customer.  
  3. - Proof of purchase is required to make use of the guarantee.
  4. - Complaints about article defects as well as requests in this regard should be sent to the following e-mail address: info@elfon.de or in writing to Hauptstr. 75, 23879 Mölln, Deutschland.
  5. - In his e-mail message, the customer should provide as much information and circumstances as possible concerning the article complained about, in particular the type of defect on which the defect occurred, as well as his contact details. The above mentioned information will significantly speed up the processing of the complaint. 
  6. - The seller will respond to the customer's request without delay, i.e. not later than 30 days after the defect has been reported.
  7. - Exchange is only possible if the article is complete and in its original undamaged packaging. 
  8. - If the returned goods are no longer available in the product range, a full refund will be made or you can choose to purchase equivalent goods.
  9. -Cancellation Form
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