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          Welcome to Elfon
          Our goal is to inspire our customers with the latest trends,
          to offer the best and most favorable deals, to develop long-lasting and
          relationships with them. We offer our customers last prices,
          a warranty period of 6 months, as well as many discount promotions,
          in order to create a happy community
          from which everyone can benefit.

          About Elfon GmbH

          Elfon is the fastest rising wholesale company in Germany. Due to their exponential growth in the phone and accessories
          industry, Elfon has reached more than 4.000* customers only across Europe. Having made partnerships with multiple brands,
          the choice of selection within Elfon has exceeded 25.000* distinguished articles. Ranging from spare parts, smartphones,
          tablets and phone accessories all the way to headphones, electronics, and leather products.
          Elfon tops off the list, becoming the most pre-eminent one-stop-shop and webshop in Europe. "We must not race time but be ahead of it." - CMO of Elfon Building rich connections and trust between individuals, Elfon has become a long-term official distributor of Hoco Tech,
          Yison, Tablet, Celebrat, Ldnio, Remax, Emy and many more empowering brands. Today, Elfon has a highly developed
          implementation of logistics within the organisation, and routes across Europe and Asia. "Community network and communication operates the business." - Director of Marketing The assortment available and managed by Elfon undergoes 3 qualified check-up processes by engineering professionals,
          the product development team, control analysts and specialists. This is because Elfon is determined to be the successive root of every retailer.
          Elfon guarantees to meet every customer's base and be the component of their growth. "There is no Quality-over-Quantity rule here, Quality and Quantity are equivalent, they do not oppose." - Purchasing Manager Elfon has the determination to proceed their strategic exponential growth in the industry and reach out to a greater population throughout.
          Contact the team directly and begin your journey with new experiences, Elfon team support, and be ready to remain here.
          "Tomorrow's success, today." - CEO


          Elfon GmbH
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