Hoco B35A Entourage Mobile Power-Bank (5200 mAh), Art.:000422

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B35A Entourage mobile power bank 5200mAh Micro-USB input and single USB output 5V 1.0A multiple circuit protection LED indicator emergency battery

1. Capacity: 5200mAh / 19.24Wh.

2. Input: Micro-USB DC5V / 1.0A.

3. Output: USB DC5V / 1.0A.

4. Flame-retardant PC material, durable, automatic identification, intelligent output.

5. The product uses high-performance 18650 lithium battery, intelligent protection features: overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and other protection.

6. LED lamp power display: check the charging power and remaining power in time ( LED1: 1-25%, LED2: 26%-50%, LED3: 51%-75%, LED4: 76%-100%).

7. Compatible with more than 99% of Micro-USB / Lightning / Type-C interface input digital devices such as mobile phones/tablets.

8. Sizes: 9.3*4.4*2.3cm (length*width*high). Weight: 120g.

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